Rules for enlistment of Contractors in BSNL 2016 (Building Works)  
NODate of PublishingDivisionWork DescriptionAnnexuresDate Of openingExtension/ Corrigendum/ Cancellation
2023111218/11/2023Trivandrum1Urgent maintenance including replacement of plumbing lines,removal of blockage in gully/manholes,cleaning of PVC overhead tanks,trimming of branches of trees etc at Kailas Nagar,Kesavadasapuram,Trivandrum 22/11/2023
2023111424/11/2023Trivandrum1Maintenance and repair works to proposed CSC area at ground floor of CGMT building,Trivandrum 28/11/2023
2023111322/11/2023Ernakulam1Construction of Cable Landing Station in KAVARATTI under KLI Submarine Cable Project SW:Supply of Furniture in KAVARATTI. 25/11/2023
2023111118/11/2023Trivandrum1Revamping and Servicing of existing biogas plant of 25cum Capacity in RTTC Compound,Kaimanam, Trivandrum 22/11/2023
2023111018/11/2023Trivandrum1Providing and fixing PVC coated GI chain link fencing to entrance grill and gates at Kaithamukku Telephone Exchange compound,Trivandrum 22/11/2023
202311918/11/2023Trivandrum1Providing compound wall with precast RCC slab and new gate at BSNL land (Central University) Pattom Trivandrum 22/11/2023
202311814/11/2023Ernakulam1Construction of Cable Landing Station in KAVARATTI under KLI Submarine Cable Project SW: Urgent repairs to toilet of TE Kavaratti 16/11/2023
202311710/11/2023Ernakulam1Raising and Resetting of 0.90 m dia twin MH chambers in Civil Lane Road Palarivattom near Kochappilly Road, currently buried under road 18/11/2023
202311610/11/2023Ernakulam1Civil works for realignment of Cable Duct top of newly constructed municipal drain slab in Panampilly Nagar opposite DDRC 18/11/2023
202311510/11/2023Ernakulam1Laying on wall PVC Pipe to drain AC water, SBR based waterproofing of SW corner of terrace and replacement of damaged false ceiling tiles in AGM (OMCR) room in Panampilly Nagar Telephone Exchange 18/11/2023
202311410/11/2023Ernakulam1Dismantling 24M RTT at Michel Junction Mavelikkara. 18/11/2023
202311210/11/2023Ernakulam1Dismantling 40m GBT at Neerettupuram,Alappuzha. 18/11/2023
202311106/11/2023Trivandrum1Providing and fixing new GI profile sheet roofing and gate for car garage at CGM quarters at Bartonhill,Trivandrum 09/11/2023
2023101330/10/2023Trivandrum1Dismantling the existing 40mtr GBT(RP-00739) at Poonkulam and stacking at RTTC, Trivandrum 03/11/2023
2023101227/10/2023Ernakulam1Erection of 10 m mast at Neerettupuram. 04/11/2023